Jason Ross

President, Next Move

Jason Ross serves as President of Next Move. An entrepreneur from Cincinnati Ohio, Jason Ross is an innovative visionary in the digital media and production space. An innate self-starter, Jason is the Founder of Trusun Media, Inc. (TSM Studio), Operations Officer of Keller Williams Sports + Entertainment (KWSE). and Partner and Chief Operating Officer of the Next Move Network.

On March 8, 2004, Jason established Trusun Media, Inc. (TSM Studio), a boutique full-service digital media and production studio located in Longwood, Florida. TSM Studio, Inc. has worked with a slew of different professional athletes and entertainers, organizations, associations, and Fortune 500 companies to curate, design, develop, implement, and produce strategic, cutting-edge digital media products and marketing techniques. Over the last 18 years, TSM Studio, Inc., has garnered a distinguished reputation, having established itself as being among the nation’s top digital media and production companies.

With a considerable amount of TSM Studio clientele involved in or associated with some aspect of the real estate industry, Jason gained an exorbitant amount of knowledge about commercial and residential realty. He developed a deep understanding of the intricate process and challenging demands that many face during and throughout the relocation. In 2016, Jason crossed paths with Jordan Stuart, a top-performing, luxury real estate agent from Washington DC. The two partnered and conceptualized what would soon become known as the Next Move Network: a subscription-based grid of licensed real estate professionals catering to the unique housing needs of collegiate and professional athletes, entertainers, and military professionals.

Pioneers of real estate-related Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) deals, Jason and Jordan worked auspiciously to expand the network and offer Next Move agents cutting-edge opportunities and exposure in the sports and entertainment real estate market. Capturing the attention of Keller Williams Realty International (KWRI), the real estate goliath approached the Network with a proposal to consolidate and assume the form of Keller Williams Sports + Entertainment (KWSE) with the duo at the helm of brand development. Now, as Operations Officer, Jason is primarily focused on the success of Keller Williams Sports + Entertainment with the goal of evolving and positioning the division among the most profitable sectors of Keller Williams Realty International.