Bridging Healthcare & Real Estate

In the demanding world of healthcare, professionals require a tailored approach to their real estate needs. This understanding led to the inception of Next Move Medical, an innovative online platform specifically designed to bridge the healthcare sector with the expansive realm of real estate.

What is Next Move Medical?

Next Move Medical is a specialized sector of the Next Move Real Estate brand, a trusted name renowned for its prowess in relocation, education, and mentorship. With over 1,500 dedicated agents within its expansive network, Next Move has solidified its reputation by delivering a white-glove approach to every facet of real estate. More specifically, Next Move Medical aims to be an online sanctuary, accessible 24/7, and catered exclusively to healthcare professionals affiliated with our partner organizations. It’s not merely a service – it’s a comprehensive solution designed with precision. Whether a healthcare professional is considering buying, listing, renting, or investing, our platform guarantees they’re equipped with the best expertise and assistance every step of the way.




Our Values

Tailored Real Estate Services:
Recognizing that every healthcare professional has unique needs, our platform spans the spectrum of real estate services and offers buying, listing, renting, and investment solutions across North America.

Efficient & Personalized Matchmaking:
Members have exclusive access to a custom online housing portal where they can detail their needs in a brief form. The magic happens instantly as Next Move Medical pairs them with hyper-local experts who deeply understand their requirements and the market they’re exploring.

Educate & Empower:
Real estate can be daunting, but not with Next Move Medical. The online portal offers access to experienced real estate agents covering North America at no cost. Our agents are trained not just to transact, but to educate, and have a comprehensive knowledge of the current real estate market – this spans from short-term rentals (e.g. AirBnbs, VRBO, etc.) to commercial real estate investments (e.g. businesses, medical facilities, etc.) to raw land deals (e.g. vacant lots, acreage, etc.) and more. Simply visit the portal, select “Real Estate Education,” and complete the brief form to be connected with a vetted and specialized local Real Estate professional.

Our Core Principles

Unparalleled Coverage:
No matter where a healthcare professional wishes to relocate within North America, our vast network ensures they’re covered.

Swift & Smooth Relocations:
For those unexpected moves, especially urgent relocations, we facilitate rapid transitions to ensure professionals can focus on their primary duties: patient care.

Holistic Support:
Beyond just the brick-and-mortar, our services dive into the heart of each local market. From tours of destination cities to insights into local amenities and schools, we ensure each transition feels like arriving home.

Comprehensive Solutions:
Venturing beyond traditional services, we connect professionals with knowledgeable realtors for real estate investments, aligning with both their personal and financial objectives.

In essence, Next Move Medical stands at the intersection of healthcare and real estate, offering a well-rounded service that harmoniously marries both worlds. By understanding the unique challenges and aspirations of healthcare professionals, we’ve crafted a platform that not only addresses their immediate needs, but also empowers them for future endeavors.